The SBMA Work Party

Hebridean Princess made three visits to Strachur Bay in March 2020, on the 3rd, 14th and 19th March. The gales only let up on Monday 2nd of March, and a work party of volunteers readily cleared the deck of tonnes of seaweed and lumps of wood and other debris, just in time for the visitors. There are usually about 50 folk come ashore in the Hardy tenders, but on the 14th, and 19th, numbers were down, and social distancing very much in place due to COVID-19.

A week after the last visit, the pontoon was effectively closed to further activity complying with Government guidelines, hardening into rules! Shag ducks and Cormorants are not affected by the virus, and they continue to monopolise the hammerhead, like a row of sentries on guard duty!

Only their rear ends seem overworked.