Private Moorings

Role of the Association

The association has authority from Marine Scotland to administer 50 moorings, and presently manages 32 moorings, most of them in Strachur Bay. The moorings are mainly privately owned, where the ground tackle, risers, floats and pick-up gear belong to individual owners. The area of the seabed that the ground tackle rests on is rented from the Crown Estate and an annual rental – currently £40 – is collected by the association from mooring owners. In addition, owners of moorings in the association’s area must be members of the association. (The only exception to this is where a mooring was laid before the association was founded and where arrangements have been made to pay the rent direct to the Crown Estate). Membership fees are detailed on the Charges page.




The SBMA Committee are required to manage moorings in its area on behalf of Bidwells, the Crown Estate’s agents. Management of moorings includes the following tasks:

  • Collecting rentals
  • Submitting schedules to Bidwells of moorings for which rent has been paid and handing the rental income over
  • Issuing Crown Estate Tags to members when these are received from Bidwells
  • Obtaining replacement tags as necessary
  • Ensuring that moorings are in suitable positions and, where necessary, negotiating the relocation of moorings, which may be at the owner’s expense
  • Removing or disabling unauthorised and unsafe moorings


Mooring Owners’ Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of individual mooring owners to ensure that their mooring is suitable for the vessel to be deployed and that it is inspected annually by a moorings contractor who holds suitable insurance for carrying out such work. Mooring owners may, if they have appropriate skills, maintain their own mooring, but the inspection must be carried out by a suitably insured contractor. All moored vessels must carry third party insurance and be able to produce evidence of this to the Association.


New Moorings and Moorings for Sale

We currently have space for additional moorings and anyone interested in laying a mooring must consult with the committee before doing so. Prospective mooring owners should contact the secretary in the first instance.

Moorings may be sold by private arrangement but may not be hired out for profit. Owners may permit third parties to use their mooring and may recover maintenance and repair costs.

New owners must join the association. Details of any moorings for sale will be posted on this website at the owner’s request. If you wish to sell your mooring and you wish details to be given on this site please contact the Secretary, Ian Arnold here.