The SBMA pontoon was installed in December 2012 (12-12-12) and officially opened by Fergus Ewing, Scottish Government Tourism Minister on 18th March 2013.



The Pontoon has greatly enhanced the utility offered by the association for boat owners and for anglers. At its outer end side berths, the pontoon offers deep water mooring (2 metres or more) for up to four 10 – 15 metre vessels and ample space for additional shallow draft vessels closer inshore. Short term parking is available near the top of the pontoon adjacent to the A886. Vehicles should not be parked within the area marked with yellow lines. This is to ensure that the shore launching ramp is left clear at all times.

The pontoon provides walk ashore overnight berthing as well as short term landing facilities. Overnight berthing is charged at £10 and short term landing (up to 4 hours) at £5. Commercial vessels are permitted to use the pontoon by arrangement with the committee.

Please note that our shore access agreement with the landowner specifically excludes use of the pontoon for water-skiing, jet skis and towable rafts. All vessels using the pontoon must observe the speed limit of 3 knots in the general area of the pontoon and moorings.

It should be understood that in certain wind directions – notably between South West and North West – the pontoon is in an exposed position and it can be overwhelmed by breaking waves. In these conditions, no vessel should tie up to the pontoon and the pontoon should not be accessed on foot. Pontoon users should note that in adverse weather conditions any vessels tied to the pontoon may be required to move to a mooring.

Fishing from the pontoon is encouraged. The cost is £10 per annum (for which a permit will be issued) or £2 per day. Annual fees should be paid to the secretary or treasurer who will organise the issue of a permit. Daily fishing charges should be paid into the honesty box.

A variety of fish have been caught from the pontoon including Sea Trout, Mackerel, Dog Fish, Flounder, Pollack, Eels and some rarer species. If you have any photos of catches at the pontoon we will be happy to post them here – please send them to the committee.

It must be understood that while fishing from the pontoon is encouraged, you should avoid casting directly over the pontoon anchors (6), and dinghy trip lines, and priority must be given to boats manoeuvring in the area of the pontoon. Therefore lines must be wound in as and when necessary.

It is also essential that all litter – particularly fish hooks, fishing lines, bait and pieces of fish must be removed.   Anyone found to be in contravention of this rule will be banned from using the pontoon for any purpose.  Similarly, anyone found discarding drinks cans or any other litter into the sea will be banned. This rule applies to the vicinity of the pontoon, the launching ramp and the parking area.